Attached PDFs from informs and sciencedirect

Dear all:

This is a minor issue and I'm attaching pdfs manually for some time now from the above sources. However, I was wondering if it is possible to attach pdfs automatically from informs and sciencedirect sources?

Here two examples:

  • reports like these are always welcome;

    PDFs from Sciencedirect should work and do for me. Is this using Standalone or the Firefox plugin? Is this the URL as you see it?

    We don't currently have a translator for informs, so you're seeing 6. here:
    I can take a look, though, that shouldn't be hard at all.
  • Thanks!

    I'm using standalone with the chrome. Yes, this is the URL how I see it from on campus. Also, when I click on the pdf, a new window opens and chrome asks me to confirm that I would like to save the pdf. I'm not sure if this is what causes the pdf not to be attached automatically.

    Thanks much,
  • no, the download warning/message isn't the problem. Works for me with Chrome and Standalone - which Zotero and Chrome versions?
    Anything unusual about how your connecting to the internet on campus? Is there a proxy involved?
  • On campus, there is no proxy involved, at least as far as I can tell from the URL. From off-campus, I use In both cases, no pdf is attached.

    Also, I'm using zotero standalone 4.0.16 and Chrome 31.0.1650.63 on Win 7, X64.

    Is there any other way to figure out why the pdfs don't get attached.

  • Do you see a red cross in front of the PDF in the pop up bubble that tells you Zotero is saving or do you not see anything?
    If the latter, what do you see when you hover over the URL bar icon (will say something like "Save to Zotero...")?
  • The URL bar icon says "Save to Zotero (ScienceDirect)"

    The popup bubble says "Saving to My Library", then the pdf will appear below that, but then a red X shows me that the pdf is not attached. This is normally the point where I just download the pdf and attach manually!
  • could you provide a debug ID from the Zotero Chrome Connector (not from Standalone) for saving from ScienceDirect?
  • Here you go!


  • @Dan - anything useful there? Could be cookie related?
  • @adamsmith, are you sure this is working for you behind a proxy with Chrome + ZSA? The PDFs are located on a different domain, so I would be surprised if it worked. I can't test this right now, but I will when I get home.
  • not behind a proxy - Steve says he's on campus and using the URL as provided in the first post above. That does work for me.
    @Steve - as aurimas says - this will likely not work off-campus in chrome.
  • Hmmm, this may have something to do with how sciencedirect authenticates their institution. This does work for me on campus, but it may not work for Steve.

    @Steve, we would actually need to see a Debug ID from Zotero Standalone for this one (unless for some reason an incorrect PDF url is being constructed in the translator, but that would probably be cut off in the Chrome debug output anyway). So do what you did before, just foolow the steps at the very top of that page
  • Currently, I'm not in my campus office at the moment, but will send my zotero standalone debug id tomorrow!. Thanks!
  • FWIW - Informs journals should now be working
    (Your version of Zotero will automatically update within 24hs, or you can update manually using the "Update Now" button in the "General" tab of the Zotero preferences. If you're using Standalone, restart Zotero and your browser after updating.

    Any problems let us know )

    We'd still be happy to look at the sciencedirect issue with the relevant debug.
  • Thanks! I'll be trying it out tomorrow!
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