Empty lines disappear in the abstract field

Dear Zotero,

When I move away from the "Abstract" field the empty lines there disappear from the display. When I move back to the "Abstract" field they are there again.

This is very disturbing since this makes the abstracts very hard to read and therefore it wastes a lot of time.

Why are you doing this to me? ;-)
You know I am very fond of you!
  • I agree that abstracts need to allow better formatting, particularly, as you describe, for paragraphs.

    I think this will come with planned (yet not currently actively developed) rich-text display for both Title and Abstract fields. Can't say how long that will take though.
  • This is a bug, though — and maybe a regression in some version of Firefox? Hard to believe we never noticed this. Fix forthcoming.
  • Fixed in the latest 4.0 Branch dev XPI. The fix will appear in 4.0.17.
  • Thanks aurimas and Dan! The bug has been there for very long and I have just waited for it to get fixed, because it is so very visible... ;-)
  • 4.0.17 just arrived and indeed it fixed the bug. Many thanks.

    But there is the same problem with the web interface. Empty lines disappears in the abstract here:

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