roadmap update?

A gentle request to update the development roadmap ...
it seems as though things have slipped a little bit. Whatever
the status of development (and I'm very happy with Zotero),
it would be nice to have a more accurate picture of the
developers' best guesses about when various features will
be available (I saw a reference to "a couple of weeks" for
1.5 somewhere in the forums). [I've been a little too afraid/busy
to play with 1.5 Preview ...]

Ben Bolker
  • I would also like to see such an update. The roadmap still lists zotero 1.5 for july 2008, the website update for August, and Zotero 2.0 for September 2008.
    I really enjoy working with Zotero and my attention is not to push stuff (which also effects quality). It would just be nice to have an idea...

  • We plan to update the Zotero website this month and to continue to release increasingly stable versions of 1.5 over the coming weeks. If you follow our development process, you'll see that our developers have been very busy implementing new features and finalizing the 1.5 code. Thanks for your patience.
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