new openoffice plugin

Hi, I've just noticed that some of the major openoffice bugs are listed as fixed on Trac. Four quick questions.
Does this mean that the new OOo plugin is nearly done?
Will it need Zotero 1.5?
Will it be announced when it is?
Do you have a date for when it will be released?
Regards, Jon.
  • Yes.

    Thanks for your patience.
  • If the new plugin will need Zotero 1.5 (sync version?), then:

    1. When I upgrade the OOo plugin, will my document made with earlier version of Zotero continue to work?

    2. How would I upgrade the firefox extension from 1.0.7 to 1.5? Would firefox know about the addon upgrade automatically?

    3. Once I upgrade to 1.5 from 1.0.7 (Zotero), will my older biblio be seen by the new version or would I need to export from the older version and import it to the newer one?

    In the past when I tried the sync preview a few weeks ago and made a document, downgrading Zotero to 1.0.7 made me redo all the references in the document. I also had to export my biblio from 1.5 to be imported to 1.0.7.

    Waiting for the new version!!
  • Yes.
  • Oh, so much excitement in the air! Does this mean that the Word 2008 plugin is close as well?
  • I just made the VB fix to the existing zotero plugin to OO. I'd rather use the official fixed version. I need to use the plugin to insert citations though. Will the plugin be out in the next few weeks or should I muddle along with the patched version?
  • In urgent need of an Oo plugin version working with a larger number of references for finalisation of a thesis: Would you please have a pointer to any patched or preview version? Many thanks -
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