sync Zotero 1.5

I am trying to sync Zotero 1.5 installed on my two computers and they are not syncing. I am assuming under Preferences/Sync I need to use the server and that is the reason why they are not syncing. Where do I get the url name for the server and how do I get a user name and password for it?

  • btw I did put in my user name for the url and the user name and password for zotero
    when i press connect to server it doesn't
    also I keep getting the message "Reconcilation Unimplemented for attachments" whatever that means
  • For now, you'll probably want to start with just one side and have an empty data directory on the other side, since otherwise you run the risk of hitting conflicts that aren't yet supported. (Obviously this only works if you don't have different data that you need on each side.) Choose Clear Server Data from the Actions menu on one side, delete (or, to be safe, move out of the way) the entire Zotero data directory on the other, and then try again. Be sure you've read the instructions and known issues so you know what isn't synced.

    The bottom part of the Sync preferences pane is for syncing of attachment files. For now, you'd have to enter the URL to space you have on a WebDAV server and your login credentials for that server. In the coming months we'll be offering storage space via Amazon S3 that people without access to WebDAV servers can use.
  • how to activate sync ?- i do not see any interface-symbol of sync -thanks
  • edikorompis: Are you running the sync preview? If yes, you need to put in your login information in the sync tab of the preferences pane.
  • I have a similar problem to edikirimpis - I don't have a sync tab in the preference pane
  • yishaishimoni, are you sure that you're running the 1.5beta version, and not Zotero 1.0.9? The latter is the official, stable version, and doesn't support syncing yet.
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