[solved] Zotero sync error: req is not defined

I get the error "req is not defined" when trying to sync.

Report ID: 1892553814
  • edited October 12, 2013
    That error message is a bug that I've now fixed in the latest 4.0 Branch dev XPI, but the underlying problem is an error from your WebDAV server. If you try the branch XPI you can see the actual error code you're getting (for a PUT request), but ultimately you'll need to check your WebDAV settings and/or talk to your WebDAV provider.
  • And if necessary, if you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that produces the error (using the latest branch XPI) I may be able to give you a bit more detail on the message from the WebDAV server.
  • Thanks for the hint Dan. I checked my WebDAV settings and verified the server again. This finally resolved the issue.
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