Unable to locate DOI field

While I am able to search for items using the DOI number, I am unable to locate the DOI field (referred to in the manual)in my Zotero database. I am using v. 4.0.8. I would love to be able to manually add a DOI number wherever possible, but I only get the choice of URL (in most item types) or ISBN. So:

- is is possible to make the DOI field visible (or do I have to add the DOI number in the URL field)?

Thanks for your help - I have been searching the forum for help but couldn't find an answer really.
  • Currently, the DOI field exists only for journal articles. That will change in the future.
  • Thanks so much for the quick and helpful reply.
  • I'd also like to see pervasive DOIs. I just realized today that book chapters, for instance, lack a DOI field.

    But even more than that I'd like to have them as a column to display and sort on. I've got everything organized by DOI, a whole filesystem in fact. Zotero will obviate that in time but the transition would be helped if DOIs were more better exposed. Cheers.
  • As I say, we'll get DOIs for most or all item types in Zotero 4.2
    I think a DOI column was explicitly rejected when we added new columns, as it's a pretty random set of numbers that aren't particularly well suited for sorting. You're the first person to ever ask for that.
  • While I can see potential value in sorting on the first 7 characters (10.nnnn/) the length of the string after the slash can be quite short or long. Even for the shorter strings the column space needed would be quite large compared with that in the current column options. The first 7 characters simply provide information about the publisher. Am I missing something?
  • any timeline for v.4.2 -- wondering if I should stick with Mendeley for a while. thx
  • no specific ETA, no. Largely depends on how smoothly 4.1 goes.
    I doubt it's going to be this year, though.
  • no news on that yet, no.
  • I'd like to be able to see the DOI's in a sortable column so that I can easily identify articles that did not have DOI import properly. With 500+ articles in my current shared Zotero file, there are too many entries to easily go through by hand.
  • Advanced search:
    DOI -- does not contain -- 10.

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