autoresolve conflicts please

I love Zotero and use it heavily, but it is not my top priority. I'll get a big backlog of sync conflicts (for instance, 491 right now). When I go to resolve them I find most discrepancies - virtually all of them - are trivial don't cares - the presence or absence of a period following an author's initial, for example. I don't have, or don't care to take, the time to look for all of these, nor do I care how they are resolved. I always take "merged". Can you please make it possible to simply tell Zotero that's what I want to do and have it done automatically? Thanks.
  • It's all but impossible to get that many sync conflicts if you always have auto-sync enabled (which is recommended in general). Any particular reason you don't?
  • I do have it enabled. I suspect that it comes upon 1 such conflict and fails to proceed, and conflicts thereafter accumulate until I notice the orange icon and decide it is time to resolve them (generally when I notice I'm missing something I expect to have in the database)
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