Help with small modification to MHRA style (to author + title for subsequent references)


I need to make a small (non-MHRA) modification to the MHRA style, but I'm struggling to get to grips with the CSL. (I have perused the forums and looked at and

I've been asked to use an author + short title form for every subsequent citation of a book/article irrespective of whether or not only one title by an author is cited in the thesis. (The MHRA style correctly defaults to author only for subsequent occurrences if only one text by an author exists in the document.)

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction to modifying the style so it does this? I'm guessing it may be something quite simple that needs adding/modifying.

Many thanks in advance for any pointers!
  • haven't tested this, but just deleting lines 84, 85 and 97,98
    should work.
  • That works! Fantastic. You've saved me from a ton of time doing this manually. THANK YOU!
  • Great. Make sure you have the id changed in your custom style (see the step by step link for instructions), else Zotero will overwrite it every 24hs when it updates citation styles.
  • Will do. Thanks again!
  • Would you mind sharing this style JonTee? I know a couple of people who would find it useful.
  • No objections from me (though I have no idea how to do so!). adamsmith – is this something Zotero would be okay with (it's a non-standard MHRA style).

    Danny – if you follow adamsmith's instructions and delete those lines and rename the ID it works (v quick to do).
  • the styles are licensed CC-BY-SA, you can do with them pretty much whatever you want ;)
    To share them, I'd just post the code to a public gist at and post a link here. People can then download the style by going to that page and using right-click-->save link as on the Raw link, the <> icon at the top right.
    Installation instructions are here:
  • It seems that the suggested change is not working anymore. Probably they have added/deleted some lines of code here and there and so the line numbers indicated in the previous posts are not the same anymore.

    Do you have any suggestion?
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