Get rid of blank lines in the bibliography

Zotero generates bibliography in which items are separated by a blank line. This is not the usual practice (at least in my filed - sociology). I was wondering if there is an option hidden somewhere to get rid of the blank lines. Thanks.

  • Not AFAIK; I believe this is a bug that I've noted before.
  • Hi bdarcus,

    Do you have a workaround? Thanks.
  • Nice, version 1.02 has solved this problem.
  • I first reported this problem couple of days ago with sync preview.

    I have since removed the sync preview (since it is not a stable release) and installed 1.0.7 version. In this version as well the same problem occurs. I am using IEEE style of bibliograph. So is this a regression from 1.02?

    Could the developers please look into this? If these newlines or blank lines are needed (for whatever reason, but IMHO using styles *the* way to do this), why cannot this be just made an option in Zotero?

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