MHRA film format incorrect

In MHRA (note with bib) films are currently being put into this format, which is not correct:
Gerry Malir, Inside His Dark Materials (Arts Magic, 2006).
It should be: Inside His Dark Materials, dir. by Gerry Malir (Arts Magic, 2006).
Could this please be fixed and/or in the meantime could you please tell me how to tweak Zotero so that it will do this correctly?
  • We can't currently fix this properly, as Zotero just passes directors on as regular authors.
  • OK, now I know I'll edit them manually for now. Thanks for replying.
  • Hi I have this problem too.
    Is there a way of automating a fix? Can I usefully fiddle with the CSL to get this right?
  • you can try by testing for film. That will involve a lot of hackish workarounds in the CSL, so I won't be implementing this in the style on the repository even if you get it to work for your, but that'd be the way to go.
  • Ok, I understand, Thanks. It might be best left as just something to remember to do as a grep on the document in the text itself at the end.
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