Copy citation to clipboard fails since recent update

After one of the last updates (now using 4.0.9) with Zotero standalone the quick copy feature (CTRL+ALT+C) does not work anymore. Nothing happens or gets copied to the clipboard. The same happens if I use the menu entry "copy citation".

In the settings under Export->Default Output format I selected BibTeX but the same problem remains with other formats.

Is this a known bug? How can I work around this? It is really inconvenient to export to a .bib file for a single entry instead.
  • Which OS is this on?
    I can confirm ctrl+alt+c not working on Ubuntu 13.04
    Not sure what you mean by
    The same happens if I use the menu entry "copy citation".
  • This occurs on Windows 7 x64.

    The menu entry works after some fiddling around again (switched to different output format and back to BibTeX) but the issue with the hotkey remains.

    Zotero does nothing if I press CTRL+ALT+C, even if it always worked in older versions.
  • lead dev just confirmed that all keyboard shortcuts are broken on Windows and Linux. 4.0.10 with a fix should be out shortly.
  • Fixed in 4.0.10, available now (though note that shortcut keys on Windows and Linux have also now changed from Ctrl-Alt to Ctrl-Shift).
  • Please advertise this change more visibly, it took me quite a while to discover this.
  • Zotero 4.0.11 & Ubuntu 13.04 shortcut keys for copying (ctrl-shift c, ctrl-shift-a) still don't appear to be working.

    Any suggestions?


  • Scratch that - seems to be ok now. Weird.


  • Please advertise this change more visibly, it took me quite a while to discover this.
    Sorry. We're aware that the shortcut change was likely frustrating for some people, but we don't really have a mechanism for announcing changes beyond the changelog. We could open up the changelog page on every update, but since most people aren't actually interested in reading it, I suspect that would annoy a lot more people than the occasional announced change.

    It would be good to have some sort of mechanism for this sort of thing—an icon somewhere in the toolbar, say—but we can discuss that in a separate thread.
  • How about a short blog post and/or tweet?
  • A special first-run guidance: "Shortcuts have been changed"...
  • Hmm. Still having trouble with ALT-CTRL-C, Xubuntu 12.04 with Zotero 4.0.12. Any hints on diagnostics/trouble-shooting would be welcome.
  • keyboard shortcuts have switched in 4.0.10. It's now Ctrl-Shift+C
  • d'oh! I think I had discovered that previously and then forgot (ALT-CTRL-C was still encoded in my fingers). Sorry, and thanks for the quick reply.
  • Shortcut key still does not work here. Neither Ctrl-Shift-c nor Ctrl-Shift-a gives anything. I am in version 4.0.11. Windows 7 operation system. Stand alone Zotero. Any suggestions?

    Many thanks!
  • does drag&drop work?
  • And can you provide a Debug ID for a press of Ctrl-Shift-c with an item selected?
  • To adamsmith: Drag and drop works when I drag a record from Zotero to Jabref, but not when I drag it to a text editor such as Notepad++

    To Stillman: Debug ID D910461610 submitted to Zotero Server.

    Many thanks.
  • No one answer the question? It is not working!
  • There's no indication of you pressing the shortcut key in that debug output. Are you sure you didn't change the shortcut key in the Zotero preferences? Can you try again and provide another Debug ID? Something else on your system could also be intercepting the keypress. Try both Ctrl-Shift-c and Ctrl-Shift-a, and log both.
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