Creating Item from Web page

Running the most recent Stand Alone version with Google Chrome connector. Is there a way to create an item from webpage? I seem to remember that you can simply click a button within Zotero and it happens automatically. Now I cannot find this option. Am I missing something?


William Hill
  • Never mind...I have my answer. Feel free to stone me. :)
  • (right-click anywhere in the webpage --> save as Zotero snapshot in case anyone else comes looking for this).
  • Just in case some one else comes looking, if there is no URL bar icon for a particular page, you can do save the webpage as Zotero item by right-clicking on the page and selecting Save Zotero Snapshot from Current Page.
  • Yes...Thanks. By the way, since I have not said this in a long guys are absolutely wonderful in getting answers to us dumb users. I really appreciate it. Great response time and great tool.

    William Hill
  • I'm sorry to ask this question again. But is there another way to save an item of a web page? It just didn't work out.
  • (Also, this applies when you want to store the reference of the webpage itself. If you want to add bibliographic information (books, journal articles, etc.) which are on a webpage, see : )
  • Zotero for Firefox

    The Problem is that i can't find the mentioned options. Neither the “Create New Item from Current Page” button nor by right-clicking the page and selecting “Save Zotero Snapshot from Current Page”.
    And I can't find the possibility to cite webpages manual.
  • In Firefox the "Create New Webpage Item" button is in the Zotero toolbar, between the green plus and the magic wand.
    The right-click option is right-click --> Zotero --> Create New Item from Current Page.
    If Zotero is working otherwise, you have these functions, you may just not be looking in the right place.
  • Hello, I am using IE and have Zotero Stand Alone. What are my options of saving webpages besides manually adding it using the green button?.

    Thank you
  • there may just not be a great option, but it's possible dragging the URL from IE to Zotero will work.
  • Of course that's for pages that are not supported by Zotero at all, you can still use the Zotero bookmarklet for supported pages.
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