Date format in the list

In the database list the date format is American (MM/DD/YYYY). Is it possible to change this to the ISO-standard format YYYY-MM-DD?
  • Actually it currently uses the date order of the underlying OS (or should, at least). Obviously it'd be better to base this on the Firefox locale instead. Ticket created. Thanks.
  • In the right pane it does use the OS one but not in the mid-pane
  • What field are you referring to, what's your OS, what's your OS locale, what do you see in the right pane, and what do you see in the middle pane?

    On OS X and Linux, for Date Added and Date Modified, the middle pane currently should show the short form of the date using "/" as a delimiter, but with the year, month and day in an order determined by the OS. On Windows, it should use MM/DD/YY when the Zotero locale is en-US and otherwise use DD/MM/YY.

    Obviously there's room for improvement here.
  • I'm using WinXP Swedish locale.

    The pane I'm referring to is the pane with the list of entries. I added "Date Added" to that list to be to sort by that.

    In the the pane with bibliographic information it seams ok
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