Field to add: Origyear

In the humanities, we often use reprints of books. MLA style (as well as others) has space in the reference for the original year of publication. In BibTeX/biblatex, from my understanding, this field is called "origyear"

I think it would be useful for Zotero to also have this field available.

If this feature has already been suggested, please consider this added support :)
  • Thanks for adding the ticket. I'd just like to add that the original publication field is required not just for books but also journal articles and book sections.

    e.g. Novalis. "On Goethe." 1798. _Classic and Romantic German Aesthetics_. Ed. J.M. Bernstein. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2003.

    And also, I noticed that, in his comment on the ticket, bdarcus points out that CMS requires much more information than just the original publication date, so this would be better dealt with as a link in the hierarchical model. But I would point out that MLA is much simpler -- it just requires the date of original publication after the title (MLA is always good for its simplicity; CMS for its comprehensiveness). Not sure how you would reconcile the different requirements of CMS and MLA -- I leave it to you. Thanks!
  • My point was simply that adding an original year field is a hack, and that there are better ways to do this. A solution that only works for a single style isn't exactly very forward-looking after all. I wasn't talking only about CMS in that comment.
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