Translator for MetaLib

I've written a translator for our MetaLib Search Engine ( So, what's the next step to make it public in the Scaffold-Database?
Thanks !
  • Hi Gunarsson,

    If you upload the file here: and post a message on that board, someone will review your translator and if it works, it will make its way into the database.
  • Hello,
    I've uploaded a file called 'Translator_MetaLib.txt' on If someone could have a look at this, I would be glad :)
  • Gunarsson,

    The translator looks great. I'm adding it to the repository, and I will post again here when it is publicly available. Due to variation between different MetaLib sites, your translator currently only works for your catalogs, so I've renamed the translator to 'KOBV' until we get a chance to generalize the code. Thank you for your work here.

    --Michael Berkowitz
  • Dear mikowitz,

    it was necessary to make some changes in MetaLib-Translator. You can find the new Translator file called 'Translator_KOBV.txt' on
    By the way there is still another problem that I don't know how to solve. The Windows-hourglass does not dissapear after the datatransfer from Metalib to Zotero has been finished. I thing it got something to do with the Zotero.Utilities.processDocuments method. Maybe you got an idea ...

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