Suppress Author

When checking "suppress author" while editing a citation, it is very difficult to register this change. Hitting the enter key twice as would normally be done for a citation does nothing, and it is necessary to first click back on the citation in the Zotero window.

I know this complexity has been addressed before, but this is so different from the usual Zotero citation protocol that it is an annoyance.

Fixing this would make the user experience much smoother.

I am using Zotero 4.08 on FF with Word 2011 on a Mac (10.8).


  • just to clarify:
    You mean that when you check the suppress author box in the Word plugin the detailed view pop-up (where you also input page nos etc.) doesn't close?
    Does it matter whether you check the box with your mouse or using tab-->space?
    FWIW this works for me in LibreOffice
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