Problem with superscript becoming regular font

After about 20 endnote citations with superscript numbers in the text and in the endnotes, the endnote numbers begin as regular font. I've tried refreshing all, editing each, but nothing works. I can change the format one by one, but why is it doing this and how can I fix the problem?
  • What software versions? Os, word processor, Zotero version, etc.
  • MS Word 2010, Windows 7, Zotero 4.0.8
  • more importantly, which citation style. If these are actually endnotes, it's not a Zotero issue. Only if it's a numerical style where the numbers show up in the bibliography is there a chance this can be fixed from the Zotero side of things.
  • CMOS endnotes
    They are actually endnotes.
    I'll see what I can learn from MS Word.
    many thanks
  • (to clarify: Zotero just tells Word to create and endnote or footnote. All formatting of the footnote numbers comes from Word)
  • Something was messed up in the MS Word Template. I copied the file into a new document with a corrected template, and it all came out just the way it was supposed to.
    Thanks again even if this was not a Zotero problem.
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