Problem with plural="contextual"

I am having a problem with the McGill Guide style and I am pretty sure it's in Zotero and not the style itself.

When a citation includes a particular locator that is plural (e.g. paragraphs 1-5), it does not appear as plural (paragraph 1-5).

The McGill CSL validates, and adding plural="contextual" to the code in the appropriate place using the test pane doesn't solve the problem...
  • is that the case for all locators or just for some? Specifically, does pages work correctly?
  • Pages are rendered without the locator label because of the requirements of the McGill guide style defintions, so pages 10-15 in a book would like

    Authorfirst Authorlast, Title (Location: Year, Publisher) at 10-15

    while paragraph 75-77 of a resolution would look like

    Resolution Title, Location, Whomadetheresolution, date at paras 75-77
  • this is with the current version of the style? If so I'll take a look. Otherwise, please post a copy that you're working with (and that validates) as a public gist at
  • Yeah, I am using an amended version, but I checked that it also happens in the version in the repository.
  • in the en locales, "paragraph" is the same in singular and plural. That seems accurate to me in terms of common usage:
    You would say: "For the relevant sections, consider paragraph 3-5 of the text" and typically not "...consider paragraphs 3-5 of the text".

    If you check other locators - e.g. "part" you get the plural form in McGill. If this is incorrect for McGill style, it is easy to fix in the terms section of the style.
    If you think that paragraphs should be the multiple form for the locator across the board provide some evidence from other styles and we can change this in the locale file itself.

    Looks like Zotero/citeproc work correctly here.
  • Thanks for figuring this out; I have updated the style on the repository as per the McGill Guide.
  • as you probably saw, your fix is merged. Anyone else with the same problem can check the McGill style for a template on how to solve this.
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