Search for words and/or several words

Dear Zotero,
I am afraid you are inadvertently hiding things for me. Could you please let me search easily for words?

Currently when I search for "ect" I always also gets also "selected". That is seldom what I want then :-)

In a library with a lot of entries the search capabilities are very important - especially if it is a diverse group library were visitors perhaps have no knowledge at all about what entries you can find there.

Did I make my point clear? ;-)

Kind regards,

PS: If I am wrong and the capabilities are already there then I would be very glad.
  • I'm not really sure what you're saying here. Is the problem just that you're getting matches in the middle of words, or something else?
  • Yes, it is the matches in the middle of words that is problematic here. (Sometimes it is good, but definitively not in this case.)
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