Translator for CNKI?

It appears that this is impossible but I would much appreciate it if someone could take a look at this.

Thank you.
  • scraping is indeed impossible. I vaguely remember that there was some way to get to RIS from the Chinese version of the page, but even with chrome's surprisingly helpful auto-translate I didn't get anywhere.
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    A rough translator could be done -- you'd probably get names (comma separation and capitalized family names help), as well as issue, keyword, abstract, title, journal.

    It'd be buggy and probably not get all pages, but I don't see why it would be impossible.
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    True, someone who works with the site regularly may be tempted to put in the effort, to save themselves typing over the long haul.
  • A better solution might be to contact the database management and the journal editors. I did and requested that they improve their metadata availability. If anyone else has a need for CNKI journals, please add your voice to the request. I have not yet had a reply.
  • true, I shouldn't have said impossible - with enough dedication and regexes you can scrape information from that site, but I'm mostly taking the Bennett/xkcd approach to regex:
  • The User Service and Contact Us links in the posted pages give a 404 error. Nice Flash animation in the banner though. Things seem to be less awful on the Chinese side of the site. That's fairly typical of dissemination projects in Asia, sadly. English tends to be treated as eye-candy.

    Jennifer Zheng Senior Manager of International Cooperation, E:

    Amy Wang International Cooperation Manager, E:
  • Perhaps we could get a bunch of people to sign a common request? I must admit to being too technically unskilled to attack this problem from the user end, but it would be an amazing help if cnki (and wangfang) could make their metadata more available/compliant! I doubt that the trickle of emails would have as much impact as one email with a lot of supporters. Who's in?
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