Make Collections objects of Searches

It would be great to have two features expanding the role of collections in advanced search:

1) the option to include entire collections as objects of searches (so that collections could be returned as search results).

2) the ability for a "contains" operator when using the current advanced search of Collections. Now, Collections can only modify a search with "is" or "is not" modifiers. "Contains" would allow keyword searching of collection.

A use case combining both requests:
I could search for all collections containing the phrase "key" (my "tag" for important collections), returning a list of collections from throughout my extensive collections/subcollections structure that contained that phrase in their title. (Imbedded in this is really a request for allowing tagging of collections, too, I suppose...)
  • you already requested that: no need for duplicate threads, devs read everything, no reply just means there are no questions and no news on this.
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