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  • I notice that in the latest Beta (RC1) the "Attach link to URI" option produces links if I paste a straight URL, but doesn't if I try with a local link to my DevonThink database (x-devonthink-item://...) or to any Notational Velocity files (nv://find...). Is the discussion still ongoing – or have my file types simply not made it onto the whitelist? Would appreciate if these were allowed – the option to link stuff to other apps is very useful. Any news? It all looked so close six months ago...
  • I have no idea why the whitelist has not been expanded.
  • 3.0 is out of Beta, the "Attach link to URI" still doesn’t seem to work with local links.
    If I understand the status of Trac tricket #1563 and the dev discussions here then ajlyon's patch is implemented and working well (at least with non-local links) and it all hangs on the suitably relaxed URI regex or a whitelist for the respective protocols of other apps. Why is this not happening? A design decision? Or a simple matter of priorities before the 3.0 final – with a view that this may be possible in one of the next small updates? Would a pooling of possible candidates for a whitelist help? Appreciate news on this. kithairon
  • Toward a future whitelist of protocols for the existing "Attach link to URI" menu option:

    PersonalBrain (brain://)
    DevonThink (x-devonthink-item://)
    Notational Velocity (nv://
    MyLife Organized (mlo://
    Evernote (evernote:///view/)
    OneNote (onenote://)
    Kindle (kindle://book/)
  • I just browsed through the forum trying to figure out when the URI links will be able to link to Evernote notes. I'm a little confused to be honest. So is this feature planned/in the making? I'm currently transitioning to Evernote for note taking purposes and would love to see this work with zotero. I'm sure this would be a great feature to have in zotero!
  • Just to follow up on this: Are there plans to make URI links work with Evernote in the future? I talked to a couple people now and it seems like this would make life much easier for many others...
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    Bump... Still looking forward to this feature. It is of particular interest to those of us who work with visual data as well as written notes as we often paste maps and diagrams into our notes in OneNote or EverNote.

    I'm based in a department of architecture and I find OneNote invaluable for this sort of thing, while Zotero provides the backbone of retrieving old notes based on subject, tags, author, etc. I also designate in Zotero items which have yet to have linked pages to OneNote.

    In the meantime, I just paste the OneNote URL into Zotero notes items.
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    Bump again... Any chance this can receive attention soon. I would also like to add Logos (logosres:) (no forward slashes) to the protocol list suggested by kithairon above.
  • Pull request here:
    Once this gets accepted it'll be in the next release. I've never seen any indication that anyone had concerns about this, so I'd expect it to be accepted. For the record, the currently included list of accepted protocols is:

    PersonalBrain (brain://)
    DevonThink (x-devonthink-item://)
    Notational Velocity (nv://
    MyLife Organized (mlo://
    Evernote (evernote:///view/)
    OneNote (onenote://)
    Kindle (kindle://)
    Logos (logosres:)

    Once this gets accepted we'll take requests for others
  • Thanks for following up so quickly.
  • this has been accepted and will be in Zotero 4.0.9
  • Excellent!
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    Very happy to see this implemented after all! It works a treat. @adamsmith: thanks for your efforts on this and elsewhere.
  • Could we add the messages://.. parameter for links to individual Apple Mail messages?
  • I think Dan may want to solve this once and for all via a blacklist rather than a whitelist so that we don't have to udpate this every time someone asks for a new protocol (see the discussion on the ticket).
  • And another one: nvAlt – a fork of Notational Velocity already inlcuded, both great apps – has the following url scheme:
  • With recent changes in the link functionality of Zotero's notes links from Apple mail (messages://) and and nvAlt (nvalt://) are now live. While not automatic (as weblinks) a right click >insert links and 2nd paste of the link-target in the open insert/edit link dialog takes you there. Thanks!
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