Zotero RDF export results in sub-collections duplicate and tripled

After two tests, same results. I exported a collection in Zotero RDF and when restoring at another location. The collection contained sub-collections (5 levels in the hierarchy collection). First level of hierarchy = ok. 2nd level = ok. Third level = ok BUT collections at the 4th level are doubled (duplicated) and collections at the 5th level are tripled.

Anyone experienced the same thing. Is the problem known/common?? (maybe it is unusual to have 5 level...)

  • Samething in Zotero 4 (Using Firefox 20.0.1 version in WinXP pro)
  • (this is somewhere on my list of things to look at. In general though, yes, five levels of hierarchy is unusual and likely the problem here).
  • Thanks for letting me know my message has been read and will maybe looked at (I understand that it is not on top of the list!)
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