Raspberry Pi + WebDAV + Zotero


I'm wondering if anyone out there has tinkered with creating a WebDAV server on a Raspberry Pi and then used it to sync Zotero...

I was reading the following: http://www.head4space.com/pidav-webdav-raspberry-pi-tutorial-part-one/

And it seems pretty simple. And being a cheapskate grad student, I was thinking it might be cool to get a $35 computer and run it as a server for all of my Zotero-linked PDFs.

Anyone else out there?
  • You can actually do it with hosted providers for free, so why would you want to sacrifice uptime and possibly speed? If you want to set it up yourself, the AWS free usage tier gives you an entire year of a micro Linux instance and 30GB of storage for it. The instance has a "list" price of $175/yr, so it might not be good forever, but it would give you a feel for what the Pi setup would be, without being bound by your local network conditions and such.
  • Fast forward 4.5 years later, and I'm looking to do the same thing now.
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