Can zotero allow selective sync'ing of articles?


I have a large library and am interested in sync'ing some of the articles on zotero, is that possible? Actually this is a nice feature currently available on Mendeley. This is useful when you have private articles that you do not want to share them.

  • Yes. The papers that are stored in your "My Library" will not be shared with others. The papers stored in a group library can be shared with others.
  • Waw, that was quick, thanks!

    What about if you have a large library and you do not want to sync all of it?
  • All attachments will be uploaded to the server if you choose to use file synchronization. (You can choose this on a per library basis by adjusting the settings in your Zotero and the group library settings on the Zotero website) There is an option for on-demand downloads where the files are downloaded only when you try to access them.
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    Being able to tag selected attachments from My Library for sync to the Zotero server would be a useful feature, though. I too have a large collection, and uploading all of it the server would be superfluous (not to mention impossible: I'm well over the 25 GB Zotero offers as its largest storage plan). For syncing between the Mac and the iPad, ZotFile with iCloud offers a good alternative; but with ZotPad's recent advances, using the Zotero server for selected items, if it were possible, would be starting to look more attractive to me.
  • You can get more than 25GB

    I doubt that selective file syncing will be implemented any time soon. The developers will probably correct me if I am wrong.
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