Exporting a subset of selected citations

Hi! Great work!

I'd like to be able to export only handful of citations, not the whole library. I was thinking about possibility of exporting selected or tagged references.

For a few reasons my citations library is not the same as the one stored in zotero. Therefore I'd like to be able to export recently added citations, instead of manually copy-pasting each reference from the exported text file.
  • You can select multiple items (ctrl or shift click) and can export only the selected items (it is a right click option). Further, you can use the date you added or modified the record as a sort criteria.
  • Suppose I do want to export all of my zotero information from my laptop to my PC. Should I then select all in the My Library 2nd column window and right click to export? Currently when I select the 'Action' wheel and say export library, it exports those contents of My Library that are not in other collections, so I miss those collections on the other machine. Is this the desired behavior?

    Thanks, Peter
  • Hmm, it looks to me like exporting items from My Library w/ a 'select all' probably won't preserve collections. Is there any way of exporting that would duplicate on my PC what's on my laptop with only a single export?
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