first letter in abbreviated journal names not capitalized

I'm having some troubles with journal abbreviations. För journal names where the abbreviated title is the same as the full one the first letter is not capitalized. I get this with both the oikos and the oecologia style. However, Journal titles that are abbreviated works fine

Example from the Oikos style:
Asplund, J. and Gauslaa, Y. 2008. Mollusc grazing limits growth and early development of the old forest lichen Lobaria pulmonaria in broadleaved deciduous forests. - oecologia 155: 93–99.

Asplund, J. and Gauslaa, Y. 2010. The gastropod Arion fuscus prefers cyanobacterial to green algal parts of the tripartite lichen Nephroma arcticum due to low chemical defence. - lichenologist 42: 113–117.

Asplund, J. et al. 2010. Gastropod grazing shapes the vertical distribution of epiphytic lichens in forest canopies. - J. Ecol. 98: 218–225.
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