Bugs with Pubmed Central translator

For papers scraped from the Pubmed Central website the Pages field isn't filled in and neither is the journal abbrevation (Journal Abbr) field.
  • I have started with Zotero 1.0.6 a few days ago and I`m now using 1.0.7. I don`t see a missing "pages field" but the journal abbreviations are missing. Regards, Michael
  • A fix for this translator was pushed yesterday that should scrape both the "page" and "journal Abbr" fields. You can update your translators in the Zotero Preferences Pane, or they should update automatically within 24 hours.
  • Thanks for your fast answer. I updated my translators. Bot no, the "journal Abbr" field (in german it`s "Journal Abk") ist still missing as is the URL-field. Try the following reference:
  • The problem hasn`t been resolved so far. Is anyone working on it? Thanks, M.
  • I just tried the link you posted and the URL worked fine. The journal abbreviation for that particular article is not available so there is sadly nothing to import.
  • That`s a bit strange because the abbreviation is provided if you follow my link:
    Rev Belge Med Dent.
  • It is indeed a bit disappointing. But it is not included in the XML file.
  • There is a field in the XML file of that paper


    I also found a description of the XML format used:

    http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/licensee/catrecordxml_element_desc2.html > search for MedlineTA

    P.S. After writing this comment I just saw this issue is already fixed: https://www.zotero.org/trac/changeset/3286, so you can just wait 24 hours for your copy of Zotero to auto-update or you can update your translators directly by hand by clicking the translator update button found in the Zotero preferences.
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