[CSL processor/Word Plugin] Duplicate references mess up collapsing

Tested with Annual Reviews and Nature (numbered) styles.

When inserting multiple references (classic or modern insert dialog), if the same reference is inserted twice, it messes up citation number collapsing (e.g. inserting second reference twice, results in something like [122-6])

Naturally, this is a user error, but I think Zotero/CSL processor can handle this a bit better. I think Zotero should not allow the same reference to be inserted twice and CSL processor should ignore any duplicates.

Anyway, nothing major, just a nit that caught my eye.
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    Thanks for raising this, I hadn't come across that fault. In styles that allow pinpoints,repeated references to the same item might occur, so it shouldn't be blocked. But duplicates should certainly be separated by commas, the same as for other numbers (so [1,2,2-6]). I'll look into fixing that.
  • But wouldn't a pinpoint reference have to be different (diff. page number) for other references? I don't know how page numbers are handled in the processor, I'm just thinking out loud.
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    It would be different for a style that takes pinpoints. A subsequent duplicate could be suppressed in numeric styles, but things would get complicated under the hood because of the need to detect numeric ranges. If things are at least fixed so the delimiters appear correctly, the duplicate reference will be more obvious on the surface. Maybe that's enough.
  • A new processor version is up with a fix for the delimiters (1.0.431). You can test it with official Zotero using the processor patch plugin.
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