using Zotero for recipes

I've been using Zotero for my research and love it. It struck me that it could also be used to store and search a collection of recipes (I've not been able to find a good Firefox add-on for this). It would be nice to see "recipe" added to the dropdown menu on the info tab and some appropriate fields for recipes. Who knows, maybe the future could hold site translators for recipe sites (e.g.
  • Zotero already does have a translator for Epicurious, and it stores saved recipes using the generic "Document" item type. I hope you'll find that it meets your needs. Additional recipe translators using other sites would be welcome.
  • +1 there should be more of these :)
  • it's easy to do using the translator Framework
    but while I use Zotero for recipes, I see no reason for a translator: Many recipe sites already have basic embedded metadata - eg. and - so you get the name of the recipe and you get a snapshot. What more do you really need? (And scrape translators require pretty frequent maintenance)
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