Emergency request!

Hi there everyone

I am very new to Zotero and am desperate to work it out so as to save time with drawing up bibliography list.

Specifically, I need help with the following:

I have worked out how to insert a citation, but when I click 'create bibliography', it just lists my PDF papers as their filenames. So say I have an article that should appear like this in bibliography:

'Brown, T. and Graeme, P. (2001). Aspects of Counselling in Humans. Psychology review, 34, 1520-1561

(This is APA format)

but I have it saved in my essay folder as 'Brown Graeme 01 counselling,' when I make the citation using the Word Plugin it just inserts the file name rather than listing it as a journal article in the proper format. Is there a way of automatically generating the reference entry without having to go back and change the filename of the many PDF journal articles I have used to write my essay?

I really hope someone can help and thanks in advance!!

  • Thanks Sean,

    I have figured out how to create citations but just wondered if there was a feature in Zotero which automatically lists the reference items in full without me having to add all the information manually?


  • Do spend some time with the intro documentation.
    If you go to a page like:
    you'll see the blue book icon in the URL bar.
    If you click it, that item's citation data gets automatically imported into Zotero and you can cite it without any manual data input.
    That works for most library catalogs as well as most academic databases and publishers.

    If you have PDFs in Zotero, you can use this:

    But this is typically going to be a second best to getting the items via the URL bar icon - e.g. you'll often not import a DOI, which is required for correct citation according to APA's 6th edition.
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