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Please help - I need this style since no other suits. Most similar styles are: (1) Plant Journal; and (2) Plant Physiology. So please can someone help and make it? Here are the look-like requests from Journal of experimental botany:
found on link:

(Shen and Ma, 2001)

(Shen and Xi, 2001a,b) /Italicized a,b/

(Shen et al., 2001) /Italicized et al./

Bibliography look:


Lakatos M. 2011. Lichens and bryophytes: habitats and species. In: Lüttge U, Beck E, Bartels D, eds. Plant desiccation tolerance. Heidelberg: Springer, 65–87.
/Italic: Plant desiccation tolerance/


Botha FC, Whittaker A, Vorster DJ, Black KG. 1996. Sucrose accumulation rate, carbon partitioning and expression of key enzyme activities in sugarcane stem tissue. In: Wilson JR, Hogarth DM, Campbell JA, Garside AL, eds. Sugarcane: research towards efficient and sustainable production. Brisbane: CSIRO Division of Tropical Crops and Pastures, 98–101.

/Italic: Sugarcane: research towards efficient and sustainable production/


Cao ZY, Geng BB, Xu S, Xuan W, Nie L, Shen WB, Liang YC, Guan RZ. 2011. BnHO1, a haem oxygenase-1 gene from Brassica napus, is required for salinity and osmotic stress-induced lateral root formation. Journal of Experimental Botany 62, 4675–4689.


Uys L. 2009. Coupling kinetic models and advection–diffusion equations to model vascular transport in plants, applied to sucrose accumulation in sugarcane. PhD thesis, Stellenbosch University.

Citation should have also the assigned digital object identifier (DOI) or the appropriate URL:

Kooke R, Keurentjes JJB. 2012. Multi-dimensional regulation of metabolic networks shaping plant development and performance. Journal of Experimental Botany doi:10.1093/jxb/err373

/Italic: Journal of Experimental Botany/
  • Can anyone please help with my style request?
  • It takes several weeks for me to get to style requests, which I roughly take on in the order in which they come up.
    If you're in a hurry you'll need to try this yourself, e.g. which the visual editor:
    or interest someone else in doing it faster, either because s/he needs it her/himself or via financial incentives.
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    OK. I'll be patient. Not sure how to u use the visual editor ...
    Even though I tried ...
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  • Could you list what's different from Plant Journal so that a potential helper knows what to change

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    Hi Johan - thanks for inquiry:

    In the Journal of Experimental Botany citations within the text if the same author/s are used like in (Shen and Xi, 2001a, b) the a and b are separated with space and are both Italicized with italicized comma.

    Next: when authors are suppressed in Plant Journal the style starts showing first letters of the author's name like below and does that also in other places for the other citation in the same year. This is not present in Journal of Experimental Botany. Plant journal citation look:
    (J. C. Wise, C. Vandervoort and Isaacs, 2007; 2007). Whereas in
    Journal of Experimental Botany is:
    (Wise et al., 2007a, b)

    At last in the looks of bibliography:

    A) year of publishing is not in parenthesis in Journal of Experimental Botany and in Plat Journal it is. It should be just: author name/s. 1996. Title of paper ...

    B) In Journal of Experimental Botany there are no dots after name letters and commas after Surnames like:
    Botha FC, Whittaker A, Vorster DJ, Black KG. 1996. Sucrose accumulation rate,

    whereas in Plant Journal letters are with dots and surnames with commas like:
    Mota-Sanchez, D., Cregg, B.M., McCullough, D.G., Poland, T.M. and Hollingworth, R.M.,

    C) In Journal of Experimental Botany Journal number or volume are in bold

    D) in Journal of Experimental Botany Place and Publisher, with pages cited of the book should be looking like this:
    London: Springer, 65–87.

    and not like in Plant Journal: Springer.

    E) in Journal of Experimental Botany Book chapter should be like this using: Authors. year. Title. In: authors, eds. Title. Town: Publisher, 100-101.

    and not like this in Plant Journal: Authors., (year) Title. In Title. Publisher Country abberviation, pp. 100-101. Available at: http:// ... [Accessed March 29, 2012].

    F) in Journal of Experimental Botany ONLY Internet articles have italicized name of the journal and doi:10.1093/jxb/err373 at the end

    G) in Journal of Experimental Botany Names of Journals for regularly printed papers are NOT Italicized like in Plant Journal.

    H) For a paper with 10 authors, list them all; for more than 10 authors, list the first three followed by et al. and et al. is Italicized.


  • Have you tried the New Phytologist style? to they look kinda similar at a first look
  • I made a style which can be found here:

    However, there was a few things that I couldn't do but follow this thread:
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    I fixed the problem with italic year suffices
  • Thank you so much! Can I bee free and let you know if any more corrections are needed?
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    Here is one correction: in chapter style output of bibliography could you correct ed. to eds.

    It is showing just ed.

    Buban T, Faust M. 1999. Flower Bud Induction in Apple Trees: Internal Control and Differentiation. In: Janick J, ed. Horticultural Reviews. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 174–203.
  • it's ed when it's only one editor. eds is plural and short for editors

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    Thank you. Got it.
  • I don't understand what I need to do
  • The page I linked to shows the validation report for the gist. It shows that there are 3 errors (point 8-10) related to cs:date elements.

    The problem is all cases is that you've mixed up localizing and non-localizing dates (for details, see ). Removing the "date-parts" attributes on lines 79 and 99 should do the trick.
  • Ok I've tried that.

    Should I submit it again?
  • You did just that. I'll add it to the repository when I have a chance. Thanks.
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