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Doing a bibliometric analysis of sources reveals the scope of your literature. Would it be possible for Zotero to generate a list of each Journal cited?

It could be done in several ways - the simplest being just a listing of the individual Journals cited - a more advanced request could entail itemising the frequency with which particular journals are referenced, which might disclose bias to the researcher.

Thank you

PS I meant to say that i love Zotero
  • if i got nagig correctly:


    I would like to be able to quickly view aggregated information about multiple items, e.g., the frequency of journals or authors. Seems to me like an extension of the "generate report" feature. It would be nice to have this just as a list or something, but even nicer would be a graph...

    And I love Zotero as well!
  • my guess would be that this is much more likely to happen as a 3rd party plugin - see e.g. Papermachines for something in a similar spirit - than as something Zotero devs do. Since it'd be read only, this could be built quite easily to read right from the zotero.sqlite
    It might be useful to build on some of the libs that Sebastiaan Mathot has already written for Qnotero to access the sqlite:
  • I do think it'd be nice to have a virtual collection that showed each publication with items under it—and the same for creators—but it would take some work, since right now we display only items in the middle pane. You'd have more flexibility to include other statistics (and to do it by collection) if it worked like generating a report, though, so I think there'd still be room for a plugin.
  • There was a patch sent to me years ago that did this with creators and publications, but I wasn't able to find it the last time I tried.
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