Recognize already saved items

Zotero should tell me, when i'm on a page of an article, whether i've already saved it, just like the yellow star tells me whether a website is already in my bookmarks.

Right-clicking the url-bar button should have an item for "show me this item in my library" for easier navigation.

    This won't happen on detect - i.e. the equivalent of the yellow star - since it requires more than simple URL matching and thus would slow down Firefox. It could happen on import, though.
    See the thread above for a workable solution on FF and some obstacles for implementing this more broadly.
  • Well, when i save an item Zotero also saves the current URL into that item, so as long as I don't change it, it would be "simple URL matching".
    However, i understand that this would not cover all items and not all resources (e.g. items added from pubmed would not be recognized on google scholar), but it would be better than nothing and it could be some kind of pre-detection (no need for further checking if a url matches).
  • There'd be too many false positives (e.g. some databases don't change URLs) and false negatives (e.g. even the same item in the same database often has different URLs) for this to be useful - I doubt there's great interest to make this happen considering.
  • That said - as you can see, the preflight detection plugin was developed by a 3rd party developer, so if you would like something like that, obviously no one is keeping you.
  • I guess you're right on that. :(
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    Thanks and kudos for the work put into it but I lack the time to fiddle with it. Custom versions everywhere are sadly of no use to us. Waiting for it to get implemented, since this should be a must have.

    False positives shouldn't be a problem, just let the user decide. Same window as used for synchronization questions.
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    False positives shouldn't be a problem, just let the user decide. Same window as used for synchronization questions.
    that's how the plugin I link to works (not sure what you mean by "custom version" - it's a pretty well working Firefox add-on, just won't work in Standalone. If you're using Zotero without any plugins you're depriving yourself of a lot of cool features).
    But if false detects in both directions are too common - as they would be just going by URL matching - this becomes worthless.
  • Which plugins per se do you mean, FF addons? Is there an overview over zotero "plugins" thanks
  • Mostly FF add-ons for Zotero specifically (many of which also work on standalone)
    What's useful to you depends, of course, I think everyone should have Zotfile installed, everyone with a Mac or Linux machine should have quicklook, people who like keyboard shortcuts should have Zutilo, most of the others are more specialized.
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