Along with "Suppress author" a "Author only" checkbox is mandatory.

I've been using Zotero for a long time. It is a fabulous tool which helped me substantially with the citations and the reference list of my PhD thesis.

I believe a simple extra checkbox (on the "Add Citation" tool) could give extra consistency to the use of Zotero: an "Author only" checkbox. When checked, Zotero would return only the authors names (according to the citation rules used) suppressing both the date and the parenthesis.

In this way, with a simple change of the Zotero style, phrases like:

"He, You and Me (2000) discussed this issue already, as well as She and Me (2005)".

could be updated automatically to:

"He, You, et al. (2000) discussed this issue already, as well as She & Me (2005)".

I think this might be relatively easy to implement, and would improve much the use of Zotero.

I sincerely wish you all the best, and congratulate you for your invaluable work.
  • I've started another thread, because i didn't see your comment. I posted my ideas here:
  • There's one thing I'm still not sure how to handle:

    If one's using a numbered style, where from does the style know how to write names?

    That is "(Flexer et al., 2005)" <=> "Flexer et al. (2005)" is pretty clear, but "[13]" <=> "Flexer et al. [13]" is not as easy.
  • there are many more threads on this - I think this is the most extensive one with most of the stake-holders (CSL, citeproc-js) involved
    (to answer one of your requests from the other thread - Pandoc and Zotero are entirely separate on this, since it would be done in the citation processor and pandoc relies on a different CSL processor, so any requests about that should go right to pandoc/citerproc-hs)
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