Bibliograhy WITH abstracts AND notes

I was wondering if anybody know a style (based on APA if available) that includes the field abstract and that includes the notes (I mean the notes in the tab next to info). I would like to export the citation (APA style if possible) followed by the abstract and then by the note(s).

(i know I should know to work with CSL file, but for know I don't)

(I'm surpised that no annotated APA style is in the repository)

  • There is no way to get the notes into citations at the moment (and afaik nothing in sight in the near term either).
    Keith Stanger at EMU has put up a couple of annotated style - i.e. with abstracts - inlcuding APA, on his Zotero guide:
  • The best/only way to display notes in an output format currently are reports:
  • Thanks for that. The APA annotated csl file doesn't include abstract in generated bibliography but the "extra" field.
    Thanks for pointing me to the report option. I just learn that it seems like we can customize it (I didn't know).

    (This old CSL file ( from the same author include abstract but without a paragraph mark in front of it.)
  • use this:
  • Many thanks! Works fine! I'm always happy to see the support we have here!

    (I'M sure there is a good reason, but I'm still wondering why those files aren't in the style repository).
  • The reason is that we'd have to maintain them all - e.g. if there's a change to APA or we fix something - and it's a drag, especially because there are so many possibilities. I am considering putting an APA annotated version up, though, since that's by far the most requested. Not sure about abstract vs. extra though.
  • For APA change, it would come with a new edition and it would not be necessary to upgrade annotated version for every edition (e.g. I would have been happy enough to find an annotated version of APA 5th even if it would not be avalaible to APA 6th). I guess APA style is a popular one and it doesn't change that often: 5th ed in 2001 and 6th ed in 2009.
    I would vote for Abstract (not extra) or Abstract AND extra (even better). I guess a lot of End Note user are asking for annotated version which means (in EndNote)including abstract. It should be mention somewhere that the notes are coming from "extra" (I realized that by chance becaue I had something written in Extra).
  • an APA annotated style using abstracts is now available on the repository. That and the Chicago style (using the extra field) are going to remain the only annotated styles though - updates don't just happen for edition updates, but also because mistakes in the CSL styles are spotted, which happens regularly even for pretty mature styles like APA.
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    What line in the apa_annotated_20130226.csl code controls the formatting of the annotation? The way it is now the first line of the annotation is justified left. I would like the entire annotation 2 spaces to the right of the citation. It has to be easy to fix, I just don't know what I'm looking for. Just trying to save myself a few minutes when I output the bibliography.
  • Both Keith's annotations and the one I uploaded have the abstract in
    <text variable="note" display="block"/>
    <text variable="abstract" display="block"/>

    That will align with the indented part of the bibliography if you use the Word plugin or export to RTF. Afaik formatting doesn't work properly for those setting for bibliographies copied to the clipboard (be it via right-click, shortcut, or drag&drop).
  • Excellent! Thank You.
  • Thanks AdmaSmith. I understand now why isn't so simple to keep style up to date. AND THANKS for the annotated APA style!
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