delete account

Please delete my account "sarah101-2", and all associated data. Please also send me an e-mail confirmation. Thank you.
  • (is there a reason we don't have any link/button to the delete account page?)
  • We just discussed that and will add one to settings/account.
  • It was kept off the settings pages to limit its use in case of unforeseen complications. It's on there now.
  • Maybe it's because of how websites are typically laid out, but the first time I went looking for that link, my eyes ignored everything below the <hr/> thinking that it was the page footer and I could not find the link. I had to come back here and re-read the post to make sure that I was looking in the right place.

    Could you increase the visibility of that link? Perhaps remove the <hr/> and add a red X next to it?
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