No article icon generated,

Not a site that I'm particularly familiar with, but a google scholar search sent me there. Here is the URL that did not generate an article icon:

(Using Chrome with Zotero connector, if that makes any difference)
  • Another version of the article, from a different site, *still* no article icon:
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    This works with Zotero for Firefox (both sites) [and with the bookmarklet] but fails with the connector (at least with Chrome).
    You'll have to wait for someone else to fix the "Embedded Metadata" translator. Thanks for reporting this.
  • The Chrome connector may not always work (or maybe it doesn't ever?) on sites without a dedicated Zotero translator. Those two just have embedded metadata that Zotero picks up.
  • Oh, I thought the Zotero connector for Chrome was more or less identical in function to the embedded Firefox extension. Is there a list of differences between them, somewhere?
  • (or maybe it doesn't ever?)
    Is it a question? I know at least one website on which it works.
    Is there a list of differences between them, somewhere?
    No. This would be an impossible task since the translators are updated all the time (new ones, changes, etc...). Zotero for Firefox is always your best chance.
  • I don't think there is a list - it basically comes down to Zotero being more reliable in Firefox (it's more reliable in Chrome than in Safari and more reliable using those connectors than using the forthcoming bookmarklet for other browsers).

    The only two explicit differences are that you can right click on the translator icon and select which translator to use in Zotero FF and that you can directly import RIS/Refer data downloaded from webpage in Zotero FF.
  • @Gracile - yes, that was a question. Which website work with embedded metadata in Chrome? I know that the DOI translator works.
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    (but their embedded metadata are of very poor quality)
  • Embedded Metadata translator should work in Chrome. I see that it's crashing on those two pages.

    @Dan or Simon, I'm getting
    Translate: Detect using Embedded Metadata failed:
    string => TypeError: Cannot call method 'getID' of undefined
    stack => TypeError: Cannot call method 'getID' of undefined
    at Object.Zotero.Utilities.itemTypeExists (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/utilities.js:883:23)
    at Function.itemTypeExists (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/inject/translate_inject.js:82:17)
    at Object.detectType (eval at <anonymous> (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/inject/translate_inject.js:50:9), <anonymous>:362:23)
    at eval (eval at <anonymous> (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/inject/translate_inject.js:50:9), <anonymous>:248:35)
    at chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/translation/translate.js:346:9
    at initCallback (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/translation/translate.js:1821:17)
    at Object.Zotero.Translate.IO.String._initRDF (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/translation/translate.js:2199:3)
    at Object.Zotero.Translate.IO.String.init (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/translation/translate.js:2276:9)
    at Object.Zotero.Translate.Import._loadTranslatorPrepareIO (chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/translation/translate.js:1848:12)
    at chrome-extension://jciblakmllnhbhjjgkbkeihelcndmgnh/zotero/translation/translate.js:1804:6
    url =>
    downloadAssociatedFiles => true
    automaticSnapshots => true

    Looks like Zotero.ItemTypes is undefined in itemTypeExists
  • thanks - I have no theory on why that's the case, it'd be great if Simon had a look.
  • Anything new about it?

    As an addition: works in Firefox with Embedded Metadata, but not with Chrome Connector.

    * doesn't works not yet
    * works now because it has DOI information in it
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