Entering corporate authors

Some references are written by corporate authors, i.e. only the name of an institution or committee is given and not of the individual authors. Example: European Commission, 1999: The Habitats Directive.
In Procite one entered the so-called "corporate author" by preceding it with an equal sign, so: =European Commission, 1999 (...).
How is this done in Zotero? Or put otherwise: wouldn't it be better to have the possibility of entering a corporate author as one of the options in the author entry field?
  • If you click on the box to the right of author names you can switch to a single field where you can put a any name that you do not want to be affected by rules about first and last names. Does this work for you? Or are there additional issues in presenting cooperate authors that this fails to address?
  • The only possibilities I find for author are: author, co-author, editor, series editor and translator. I must add that I use a Dutch version of Zotero, so maybe in the English version these are translated somewhat differently.
    But at least in the Dutch version, there is no such option as "corporate author" or "institution". Maybe this could be added?
  • reread tjowns suggestion again; click on the box to the *right* (not left) of the name.
  • Thanks, that was indeed what I was looking for. It is, however, not very clear. Maybe the programmers should emphasize this possibility more?
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