Legality of sharing copywrite material

HI, I would like to use Zotero to create a Naturopathic Oncology research library for our association, which would give access to 300 members. Can we legally add PDF's of scientific studies that are NOT open access, or do we have to restrict ourselves to the pubmed citation only?
  • On the technical side, Zotero will let you share files within a closed membership group.
    On the legal side, it is your responsibility to comply with copyright restrictions on any material. My guess (and I am not a lawyer nor associated with zotero) would be that a zotero group is in about the same category as a password protected website - which means it's probably not legal but relatively unlikely to have any legal consequences.
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    There's nothing inherently illegal or legal about using Zotero (or email or Dropbox or a photocopy machine) for anything. It's what you're doing with the tool that matters.
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