Within a collection or selected items, how to copy all the pdf into one new folder?

Within a collection or selected items, how to copy all the pdf link or stored attachments to the items into one new folder?

I need to copy all PDFs of items in one collection into one new temporary folder. I may use this copy of PDFs in one folder to further search by using Adobe Acrobat.

In other words, I imagine to be able to do this:
1. I select one collection from left panel of Zotero.
2. I select all (or some) items from the middle panel of Zotero.
3. In the middle panel, I right click the selected items and then I want to have a command "Extract all PDFs from the selected items to a folder".

Has there been available any utility to do a thing like the one I imagine above? Many thanks.

[What I have done is to manually copy one-by-one each pdf into a new temporary folder. And this is time consuming.]
  • the easiest way is "Zotfile" https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/zotfile/ use the "send to tablet" function.
    There are other ways of doing that, but this is by far the most convenient.
  • O.K., thanks. I've added zotfile to Zotero. After initializing 'Location of Files on Tablets' in 'Tablet Settings' tab of 'ZotFile Preferences', I got the function of 'send to tablet' when right-clicking selected items under parent menu of 'Manage Attachments'.
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