Resizeable "Add Citation" Dialog, Word Plug-in

Hello all,

I would like to see the "Add Citation" dialog window of the MS Word plug-in to be resizeable. Right now the window size is hardcoded to 600x450 which is too small for my daily use. It would also be nice to see if the dialog could then "remember" its new size, if the size was modified.

As a workaround for the time being one needs to change the hardcoded values in the plug-in's source code (files addCitationDialog.xul and addCitationDialog.js of zotero.jar). Unfortunately those changes get lost each time one updates zotero.

  • Now implemented in the latest dev build for the Add Citation window, Edit Bibliography window, and Related Items window. Unfortunately, the first two won't work on Windows, as we have to use a special type of window that isn't resizable to keep it from opening behind Word/OO.
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    Many thanks for the quick response.

    As a matter of fact I'm using Windows XP. Any chance to get this working on Windows as well?
  • Does not being able to resize it also mean you can't move it? I know I've mentioned this before, but being able to move it (as it almost always obscures something you need to see when it opens) is a real pain. Or even: is there a preference that you could set so that the Add Citation window opens in the top right hand corner (for instance) rather than the centre of the screen?
  • Does not being able to resize it also mean you can't move it?
    Unfortunately, yes. We'll keep looking for a solution, though.
  • Dan,

    can you implement the citation window as a pane or a tab within the firefox browser?

    I know it is not optimal, but not being able to move and resize the citation window can be on occasion very unpleasant.
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