sync server did not accept my username and password


I have been having this error for a week now. Just started using Zotero (with safari). Weird thing is, even though it says that, sometimes it works? But I always have the error message. And right now, I can't get it to work. Any ideas? My username would be the name next to the "welcome, XXXXXX" in the top right hand corner of the zotero web page correct i.e the name I use to sign in with?"

  • That message pretty much always means what it says. Try clearing and re-entering your username and password in the Sync pane of the preferences.
  • I've done it a hundred time. every combo. and my username works to login to this site... stumped :(
  • your username is
    it's _not_ necessarily the one that's next to Welcome, - if you provided a real name, you'll be welcomed with your real name.
  • that's the one I have been trying: jenpagonis :(
  • Can you provide a Debug ID for a sync attempt that fails?
  • Is there any possibility that this could be keyboard related? There are websites that I registered while I was living in Sweden and using a campus computer but could not log in when I used my USA MacBook. (Zotero was not one of the sites.) I registed using a Swedish language computer. My username and password were standard English characters. I find it interesting that after I changed my password using my MacBook, that I could log in on the Swedish computer without a problem.
  • sure, D217203885

    and it is a macbook air ... ill try changing the password
  • changing the password worked!!
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