Fellow Zotero Devotees Please Advise: while waiting for Z-2.0's GROUPS....

Yo Zo'ers Everyone,

Simple question:
While waiting for v.2.0 (Sept, '08) to come out with combined server syncing AND GROUPS (the very reason our team needs this app so), what can you all recommend as the least disappointing and obviously only temporary (*looks up at his countdown-to-sept widget ticking off the seconds.....and sighs*) web-clipping service that WOULD allow our group to share clips, tags, etc. until Zotero-2.0 rocks our collective world?

Thanks for all your work Z-Team on such an important solution and thanks to this community for being so supportive of developers and each other.

David M
  • For me the word/openoffice plugins are the most lacking part of Zotero. Things like tickets #1013 and #913 make it hard to use for writing papers. In my case where I have to write in collaboration with colleagues, these bugs rule out zotero as viable alternative to Endnote.

    I understand that using single codebase to support two different word processors on 3 different platforms is not a simple task. With Microsoft intent on dropping VB it will probably become impossible. It will be interesting to here from the developers what are their plans regarding the plugin development.
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