Zotero freezes on sync when laptop is offline

When doing research in an archive I usually enter long notes when my laptop is offline. This is normal for archival research. With automatic sync turned on, Z tries to sync every few seconds and freezes up for several seconds each time. This makes notes entry next to impossible. Turning off automatic sync in preferences obviously solves the problem but I remember that manual sync is not recommended and it also increases chances of losing data if I forget to sync manually after a research session. Would it be possible for Z to check if the laptop is offline before trying to sync, to get rid of constant freezing?
  • Does this happen if Firefox is in "Work Offline" mode, or just when there's no network connection? (I don't remember if Firefox switches into offline mode automatically on OS X. I think it does on Windows.)
  • It happens in standalone Zotero, even when I have FF closed.
  • Ah, OK, this is Standalone, though I don't think that matters much. (There's no explicit offline mode in Standalone, but neither Firefox nor Standalone appears to properly detect a disabled network connection on OS X, and there's probably not much we can do about that.)

    There shouldn't be a freeze, though, unless this is a pretty old computer. Can you provide a Debug ID for an offline auto-sync attempt that causes a freeze?
  • Exactly the same symptoms here. Not standalone, but Z for FF.

    Debug ID D571214810 submitted for a freeze that lasted about 20 seconds. Unbearable!

    Proposal: If offline/disable network connection cannot be properly detected, a simple right-click toggle option on the sync arrow, "Pause syncing"/ "Resume syncing", à la Dropbox, would give us a way to deal with it. Right now I've just had to stop using Z for note-taking while offline, which is a shame.
  • OK, try the latest 3.0 Branch dev XPI.

    (I suspect this was noticeable only for users with very large libraries.)
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