Built-in mind map tool

To make a visual mind map is a great way to organize your knowledge. I use it a lot in school; either I use a free online site (like Mindomo.com) or an application I have downloaded.

Then I thought of Zotero which is a really good way to make school work and similar things. Why not include a mind map tool in Zotero? It can be just a link to an online site, but it can also be a tool inside the plug in itself.
  • I agree completely.
    Mindmap tools and Zotero go hand-in-hand.
    As Freemind has already some kind of functionality to be displayed inside the webpage, guess it is doable.
  • This is a frequent request and if you search through the forums a bit you can find some good discussions. For example this thread about Freemind. In general it seems that working on plugins to connect Zotero to mindmaping software would be the best approach.
  • Yes, a mindmapping-addon for Zotero would be cool. :-)
    I made good experience with Docear[1] (or even Freemind, or simple Graphviz)

    [1] Docear - a mindmap based reference-manager: www.docear.org
  • We've discussed this in the past, and we are enamored with the interface of drichard's mindmaps. However, at present, we don't have the resources to integrate this with Zotero. Additionally, since none of us use mind maps to organize our research, we aren't sure we could make something useful to others. This would be a good opportunity for a third-party developer.
  • *push*

    I'd like to ask whether such a feature could be expected to be integrated any time soon (next, say, 12 months?).

    I like the timeline, though I'd find a mindmap, that would allow to organize the items of one's collection through intensified visual means.

    I know you're hard working - thanks to all you developers and contributors :)

    Now, that's enough sentences to begin with 'I'. Would be happy to learn whether anything is planned in this regard!
  • almost certainly not within the next 12 months, no (unless a third party developer takes this up as per Simon's post above).
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