Failed to translate from ScienceDirect

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    For what it's worth, I can get the individual articles if I click through to them -- I just don't see the multi-item folder icon on the table of contents page given above. Bug or wish list item?
  • the only way that worked for me (Firefox and last zotero version) was to go in export citation and then export RIS (zotero then automatically saved the item), no more multi-item working or saving when reading the article in html format
  • We pushed a fix for this issue yesterday. Make sure your translators are updated to the latest version (either manually update them in the Zotero Preferences Pane, or they will update automatically w/in 24 hours). Please let us know if this problem continues.
  • I'm new. I think my problem is related to this, but maybe I just don't know the key word to search. When I use Science Direct -- access to abstract and title only unless I pay -- Z adds this as a web page, with title "ScienceDirect - Journal of Blah: Title of article". It does not fill in the author fields, but I can do that. If I want to save it as "journal article" (as a proxy for "abstract", which doesn't seem to be listed on the dropdown menu) and fill in the additional bibliographic information -- volume no., etc., I cannot add this information even manually. I click on "volume" and nothing happens.
  • Are you using the article icon in the location bar or are you clicking the "Create New Item from Current page button?" in the Zotero toolbar? Some new users get the two confused. The create new item button is for archiving web pages, and the icons in the location bar alert you to the fact that zotero can import a item or items from a given page. To clarify, if you wanted to archive the science direct web page then you would use the "Create New Item from Page" button, if you want to import the item on that page you need to click the icon in the location bar.

    If you are clicking the item in the location bar but are for some reason getting a webpage could you mouse over the icon in your location bar and report back with what the translator the mouseover text says Zotero will use?
  • I can't create new items by clicking the icon in the location bar. I don't get an error message, the "ghost" doesn't display anything and Zotero "thinks" forever, but the new item does not appear in my library. I updated my translators, but that does not seem to help. If I export the citation in the RIS format, it works fine. Help!
  • Can you try disabling your other Firefox extensions?
  • Jup, that helped. Thanks!
  • What extensions did you disable? Was RealPlayer Browser Record Plugin among them? If so, that's the culprit. Zotero 1.0.5 will contain a workaround.
  • Zotero 1.0.5 is now out with a fix for most ScienceDirect errors.
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