standalone not remembering last-used screen in OS X

Hi gang. I expect this is an OS X issue, but I've hunted and hunted and cannot resolve it. Zotero standalone 3.0.7 and now 3.0.8 always opens on my primary screen in a dual-monitor setup under OS X Lion (10.7.4). Previously I had it assigned to the secondary screen, where I prefer it, but for some reason it won't do that any more.

Just wondered if anyone perchance has the same issue and found a resolution?

I looked at the underlying Firefox platform and did come across some bug reports that indicate the current version has a similar glitch, so it could be coming from that.

Obviously just a minor annoyance, but hey worth a shot. Cheers.
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    Yes, it looks like this is bug 752149. Since it has been fixed for Firefox 14, it will be fixed in the next Zotero Standalone release after Firefox 14 is released.
  • Ahh, thanks Simon.
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