Word plugin and Groups: make it still more difficult to cite from the wrong libraries

Despite the nice display which shows where items originate, it still can easily happen that in a collaborative document two out of six citations of a source go to a personal instead of a group library (we have this all the time). This indicates that a more rigorous option may be needed to "lock" libraries to documents, and to discourage citing from the wrong libraries.

Proposal 1: Make it possible to "pin" one or more libraries. In the dropdown which shows the originating libraries of items, provide a simple "pin" button. If clicked, this means that items from that library will always get precedence (i.e. are displayed below items cited if any, above items from other libraries).

Proposal 2: If there are pinned libraries, provide a warning when citing from a non-pinned library. Actually it would be even better if it gave the option to copy the item to the pinned library:

Warning: this item does not exist in your pinned library.
Do you want to copy it there?
[button: Copy to pinned library and cite]
[button: Cite version from non-pinned library]
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